customised to your brand and target audience

Farillio Hybrid

Combine our content with yours

Quickly and easily select your choice of Farillio’s out-of-the-box content and combine with your own exclusive content

Our content

Choose content to suit your target customer and your specific objectives; you can pick and mix from any of Farillio’s trio of products

Your content

There are a whole host of ways you can use Farillio to achieve your wider business objectives

  • Customise your hub’s navigation
  • Include pages of content specifically curated for you
  • Add your own messaging in the hub
  • Signpost your customers to your own partners or services
  • And gather insights to track customer behaviour and help with future plans

Surprisingly affordable and quick to implement

co-branded for a seamless customer experiencE

Personalised hub

and customer journey

We work with you to provide assets which are on-brand and reflect your specific guidelines and objectives

We help many companies like yours accelerate their growth, keep their customers and employees happy and achieve their goals