Configurable, distinctive, interactive solutions

For customers or in-house teams

Easily and quickly configure your own digital platform for a customer value-add or to optimise in-house team collaboration

Ready baked; infinite flavours

Select your choice of out-of-the-box content to suit your target customer base from Farillio’s trio of primary content suites for SMEs, landlords, and individuals, households and families. Platform customisation is available to fully differentiate your version of Farillio.

Co-branding available

A seamless customer journey can be created incorporating a co-branded registration page, Farillio hub, customer sign-up journey and email communications. No tech integration is needed so lead times are short. Our partners can also choose to use their own URL and platform identity.

Your content; our framework

A unique and affordable solution for in-house teams and small businesses. Your own content is converted into dynamic resources, and combined with bespoke user journeys

Combine our content with yours

Select your choice of our out-of-the-box content and combine with your existing material or new resources; target specific audiences, or enhance your own business processes

  • Choose the existing Farillio content you want to include
  • Add your own resources if you wish
  • Personalise and cross-sell by using in-platform customer messaging
  • Signpost to your own services and partners including legal helplines
  • And more….

We help many companies like yours accelerate their growth, keep their customers and employees happy and achieve their goals