Delivering exceptional value

We solve key challenges

For businesses, their employees and their customers

We work with partners in insurance, finance, telecoms, law and more, delivering tailored solutions to common business challenges

We help our partners achieve core company goals

Our customised approach delivers key results

We work collaboratively with our partners to create propositions specific to their individual needs

You can create your own version of Farillio for a relevant, and distinctive customer value-add. This provides competitive advantage, reduced price sensitivity and market resilience as well as helping to mitigate risk of customer churn

Farillio’s valuable proposition worth £’000s p.a. provides clear and focused messaging for acquisition campaigns; once customers start using Farillio they don’t want to lose access to it, making them extremely loyal

Actionable behavioural insights

Farillio’s advanced MI dashboard provides aggregated customer behaviour data which empowers you to make informed decisions, tailor your strategies, enhance customer experiences, and remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace

Business goal success

We work closely with our partners to create solutions which help them achieve their core company goals, as well as helping to address sector-specific challenges and needs. We’re extremely agile as technical integration is not necessary, so speed to market is quick and cost-effective


Personalised marketing support and customised UX

For businesses, their employees and their customers

We help design tailored partner programmes which can include in-platform communications, product placement, signposting to third party services (including legal helplines) and broker support

We are proud to work with some brilliant partners

We’re proud to get great feedback from our partners…

The Farillio team have built a simple digital platform for small business owners which contains a vast amount of easy to understand, customisable and regularly updated resources. It really can help business owners set-up, grow and protect themselves from key risks. They have also been a pleasure to work with and the implementation has been seamless. Thank you.
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Tesco Mobile are committed to seeing the (Farillio) partnership grow from strength to strength.
Thanks for being brilliant to work with; it’s been great to get to know you alI.
I feel like we’ve all been approaching discussions collaboratively, with great teamwork and with the best intentions in mind at all times.
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We work with our partner brands to market DAS Business Law, powered by Farillio, as a new standard of online legal services.
I’m encouraged to see that both our distribution partners and their customers see the value in this proposition as all our existing campaigns to date have had positive responses and customer platform activation as a result.
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…and from their customers

“Farillio makes your life easy if you run a business”

“Farillio simplifies intimidating paperwork and makes life easier for entrepreneurs who don’t have a legal or accounting background. It’s a fresh, affordable and digital approach. The great thing about Farillio is they do all the work, so you can move your business forward using quick & easy tools”

“Keeps my data safe”

“The cyber-security resources give me lots of information about how to keep myself safe online and explain how you know if you have been attacked and then what to do. Really useful for keeping me safe and up to date!”

“Farillio is very clear and gives me peace of mind”

“I recently bought a property I wanted to rent out and using Farillio Landlord (which is included in my insurance policy) has saved me time and money. To draw up just one agreement using my rental management company would have cost me £300 and I haven’t needed to research all the relevant legislation myself as Farillio has it all, and more”

We help many companies like yours accelerate their growth, keep their customers and employees happy and achieve their goals