our mission

Fixing access to justice

plus key everyday guidance, for everyone

Since 2017, Farillio has been dedicated to democratising access to legal and other resources for UK-based small businesses and consumers

Our innovative digital platforms offer user-friendly solutions at zero cost through a smart distribution approach

We work with outstanding UK brands  

We help top UK brands grow their business and achieve market differentiation by creating bundled, distinct versions of our products. Our partners enable us to get high-quality services and resources to SMEs and consumers at no cost to them  

When those that need help can’t get it, the fix requires something radical. Our innovative partners offer our unparalleled solutions for free to help their customers get the support they need, while fostering excellent growth and customer retention for themselves

Farillio’s user-friendly design, with tools and content co-created and validated by experts, ensure comprehensive support. Users, regardless of their knowledge level, can confidently manage their objectives with our all-inclusive, step-by-step resources  

Experts who understand users   

Our team of carefully selected experts, known for their empathy and experience, deliver accessible and jargon-free support. They are qualified, highly rated practitioners, reinforcing our mission against user confusion, exploitation and injustice. Our partners can also choose to signpost to their own expert pool if they have one  

We change ahead of change 

We’re committed to evolution and innovation – and we have an outstanding track record of this. Our future-focused ethos is powered by our own flexible, scalable platform and technology. Our experienced, UK-based teams are driven by data and user feedback, enabling us to rapidly anticipate, adapt and release new solutions 

We help many companies like yours accelerate their growth, keep their customers and employees happy and achieve their goals